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How to Find the Best Headphones in 2023

No one can deny it when we say that all smartphone users have owned even at least one type of headphones in their entire life. Even when you purchase a new phone, most of them have those small generic earphones that come with it. However, those basic earphones are not enough for some of us — we prefer to find and spend on high-end quality headphones. But who can blame us, right? Jamming on a piece of clear and crisp music just makes the experience much more exciting and surreal.

Now the thing with headphones is there is so much you can choose from — different sizes, types, etc. Manufacturers over the years make sure that as other electronic gadgets level up and get more high-tech, so do the earpieces we use with them. With the vast plethora of headphones in the market right now, how would you know which one is the best for you? This is what this article is for — a guide on how you can find the best headphones that will suit your needs and, of course, your budget.

Headphones in 2023

As of 2023, there are more than 60 brands that cater to different types of headphones. Their goal is to create unique headphones that produce sublime sound quality while targeting a specific group of people in constant search of new ones for their hobbies and professions. If you are planning to buy one, either for professional or daily use, here are some factors that could help when you are choosing your headphones.

Factors to consider when choosing headphones

Types of headphones

There are several types of headphones, and it is necessary that you familiarize yourself with them. Know their difference between each other to see which one are you looking for:

  1. On-Ear Headphones 
  2. Over-Ear Headphones 
  3. In-Ear Headphones 
  4. Closed-Back Headphones 
  5. Open-Back Headphones 
  6. Wireless Headphones 
  7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones


The price range for headphones can be pretty broad. The most affordable type would be the in-ear headphones, and they can cost less than $10. Of course, if you want premium high-quality professional headphones, expect to spend a bit more, for they can cost more than a couple hundred dollars.


If you are looking for portability, then the good old in-ear headphones are great for traveling since you can easily fit them in your pocket. On-ear and over-the-ear headphones, on the other hand, can be pretty bulky unless you do not mind.


The main question that you should be asking yourself whenever you are shopping for new headphones is, “what are you going to use them for?”. Is it for travel or working out? Or maybe it is for professional use? Are you looking for headphones specific to gaming purposes? If you need it for work or school, you should consider noise-canceling headphones.

Sound Quality

The most critical factor in finding headphones is, of course, the sound quality. It will all depend now on your preference. For general use, you want a headphone that has a good treble and bass combination. Nowadays, several users prefer heavy bass sounds, and you can easily find premium headphones with that option.


To avoid purchasing headphones every so often, you may want to consider investing in one that is already durable. There are decent headphones around the $100 price point that can already last you for years.


The issue with cheap headphones is that they can be pretty uncomfortable. Especially if you are wearing them for long periods every day, choose one with earpieces or pads that do not strain your ear.

Cable or Wire

It is essential for wired headphones that their cable is manageable. Although this might be a small detail, you should still consider it because the last thing you need to do is untangling wires.

Finding the best headphones in 2023

When shopping for headphones, here are some tips on what you should do before and when finding the perfect one for you in the market.

Do a bit of research.

Just like what you are doing right now, researching the different kinds of headphones and other information about them is vital to know what fits right into your qualifications. This way, you can also have an idea of their price range. Headphones’ specifications can be a bit technical to know about the terms like frequency response, acoustic system, etc. Having enough knowledge about this can also help you avoid getting scammed or ripped off.

Settle on which type of headphones you want

To narrow down your choices, focus on a specific type of headphones you want. For example, if you are a DJ, just search through the best DJ headphones and nothing else. It can help you avoid further confusion and indecisiveness.

Set a budget

Another significant deciding factor when shopping for headphones is your budget. Set a price range that you are willing to spend and work from there. Avoid going choosing specific brands that sell overpriced items to resist paying over what you settled with. Remember, if you want headphones with the high overall quality, you might need to widen that budget.

Choose three specific headphones to choose from

Once you have finalized the factors we have mentioned above, it is time to create a shortlist of specific headphones from specific brands. Have at three to five items that fit right into your requirements so that you have back-ups in case your first choices are unavailable.

Find a legitimate shop.

Lastly, of course, find a reliable shop that sells legitimate items. When you are about to spend hundreds of dollars, it is crucial to ensure that the shop only sells original items. Do some background research about them and look for reviews from previous customers that they have transacted previously. Once you have settled this, all you need to do is purchase the headphones of your dreams and enjoy them. Finding the right headphones can be a very tedious job. However, it is essential to keep in mind that if you plan to invest in one, you want to make sure that you are purchasing the right one now. It also needs to be durable so you know that it can last for a long time. Think of it as an investment for your work, hobby, or school. What is excellent about good-quality headphones is they can literally alter the entire experience of listening to music or just sounds in general. So, if you want to elevate yours, choose the right one.


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